Our History

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The generation of Poles and their descendents, who came to the UK after the Second World War, have now been bolstered by a surge of new migrants who started arriving in the UK in the 80’s and 90’s, and now again, after Poland joined the European Union in 2004.

Over the past few years Polish Scouting has seen a marked and steady increase in membership as the children of these newest arrivals join the organisation. These numbers are predicted to rise as more Poles decide to stay and set up home in the UK. Managing these increases in membership has been a challenge which Polish Scouting has risen to admirably, with new units being formed in areas where previously there were none and numbers attending camps increasing year on year.

The Polish Scout House has been home to annual camps and a variety of other scouting activities since its purchase back in 1962. It is difficult to calculate the number of people who have visited the centre over the years, but it must run into the tens of thousands. For many children it would have been their first experience away from home. For other visitors the abiding memory is of the scout campfires, under the stars, watching the lights in Llandogo twinkling in the distance. This has only been possible thanks to the dedicated groups of volunteers who, over the years and, with limited funds, worked tirelessly to prepare the centre for use.