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Our plans cover both the renovation of the existing main house as well as constructing a second standalone building. Together this will provide us with two independently functioning buildings with accommodation for a total of 74 people. In the iconic white house, with its sweeping views over the Wye Valley, we propose to have 36 beds as well as a small kitchen and dining area. Fundamental improvements to the fabric and facilities of the building are needed as the last major refurbishment works took place here in the 1920’s when it was used as a school. Increasing the numbers of toilets, bringing the shower facilities into the building and installing heating & insulation throughout are a priority. We have also tried to rationalise the internal layout and bedroom accommodation to better reflect its usage. We have tried to open up the views to the valley and surrounding areas by moving the daytime activities up to the first floor areas and a new entrance at first floor level from the bank at the back. These changes will ensure that the building can be utilised more comfortably at any time of the year and will maximise its potential.

The remaining 38 beds  on site will be housed  in a standalone new building which will also house a large kitchen and dining hall large enough for the whole site. We are also hoping to have a large covered outdoor area that can allow activities to continue in bad weather. Alongside this will be a dedicated storage area for camping equipment with easy vehicle access.

Improvements to the surrounding infrastructure include opening the original access road up to the village of St. Briavels which will ensure access to site even if the lower road is closed. A new road leading traffic through the site without affecting areas where children are moving around is also proposed. We also plan to improve the camping fields and grounds, providing much needed site drainage and a suitable waste water solution.

Our plans have been divided into 3 main phases, although the scope of works in each phase and its duration is dictated by the speed of inflow of funding.
Phase 1Cost £207,000 – Completed and paid for.
• Professional fees for feasibility study, project design and planning applications amounted to £56,000
• Refurbishment of the Coach House was completed early 2016 at a cost of £151,000.
• Restore the original road that links the Polish Scout House to St. Briavels has been deferred

Phase 2Cost circa £1m.
• New building providing 38 beds with all the necessary toilet/showers and a hall with dining and kitchen facilities to cater for up to 80 people.
o Works to demolish the existing kitchen block and put in foundations and steelwork for the new building started in late autumn 2016. Site drainage improvements are also in progress in this sub phase.
o In 2017 we plan to build the main structures and external shell of the building. Walls, roof, floors, external doors/windows and all external finishes.
o The internal fit out of the new building and handover of the new building is planned for 2018.
o Power supply will be upgraded if necessary.
Our aim is to finish and handover this building by late spring 2018 in time for the cubs/brownies summer camp to take place, subject to securing sufficient funds.

Phase 3Cost circa £600,000
• Restore the main house within the requirements of current legislation to provide 36 beds with the necessary toilet, shower, cooking and dining facilities, together with meeting, laundry and drying rooms
• Landscape the grounds
Planning permission was granted for all of our plans by the Forest of Dean District Council in December 2014. Each phase of our proposal will be subject to sufficient funds becoming available to complete the works.

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