St Briavels Fund – we have raised over £1,000,000

The New Year has started with the good news, that the St Briavels Fund has raised over £1,030,000. Thank you to all our sponsors and donors who are helping us realise our project.

Our project to modernise the St.Briavels scout centre has recieved substantial funding from the Polish Government through funds made available by the Polish Senate to support Poles living abroad. Working in partnership with Stowarzyszenie “Wspólnota Polska”, a Warszaw based nongovernment organisation which supports Poles living abroad, we received a grant of £127,000 in 2017. Funds received through these grants from the Polish Senate in the last 3 years total £320,000.

We have also received generous support from the Polish Ex-Combatants Association in Great Britain Trust Fund, who in 2017 donated £50,000. We have in total received £250,000 from this fund.

There have also been generous donations from other organisations: General Jan and Irena Berek Charitable Trust, Polish Fund, MB Grabowski Fund, Polonia Aid Foundation Trust, Broncel Trust, De Brezia Lanckoroński Trust.

Our scouting units, the Friends of Polish Scouting and individual members of our organisation have also raised funds to support us, as have our friends in Polish Saturday Schools, parishes of the Polish Catholic Mission and many other supporters. The money we have raised is helping us realise our project.

Building works continue. The steel frame of the new building has been clad with panels to form the roof and wall structures. Underfloor heating pipes have been laid and blockwork walls forming the dormitories have been built. Externally, the building shell has been finished with cedar wall boards and shingles. The next phase is the internal fit out of the building and install the fixtures, which we are aiming to complete for summer 2018.

In acknowledgement of the value of scouting in Polish history, including the role of the Polish Scouting Association abroad, the Polish Senate has dedicated 2018 as the Year of Polish Scouting. In this celebratory year we will open our new accommodation building for use and will start welcoming groups of young the centre.

We sincerely thank everyone who has contributed to our cause and ask for your continuing support.

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