What happens if we cannot raise enough money to complete the project?

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We are confident that over an extended period we will be able to raise the necessary funds to complete the project. We have deliberately divided the project into a number of phases that give us the opportunity to deliver the works over a number of years.

Phase 1 Cost £207,000 – Of this amount £56,000 relates to the professional fees incurred in the design of the scheme and planning applications and the remainder was the cost of refurbishing the Coach House building which was fully completed in early 2016.

Phase 2 Cost £1.4m. – (up from the estimated £1.2m.) This covered the construction of the new accommodation block, Wood House, which commenced in autumn 2016 and was expected to take 12 – 18 months to complete. In the event, because of funding constraints, the delivery of Wood House was spilt into 3 sub phases in 2016/17, 2017/18 and 2018/19. Once this work was completed, in spring 2019, indoor accommodation was available for use on site once again.

Phase 3 Cost circa £900,000 – involves the refurbishment of the existing house, the White House. Work on this is planned to start in 2022 and be completed by spring 2023 if funds allow.   Work on this building could be readily sub-divided into smaller phases. But will be less costly if completed in one hit.

Each phase of work will only be started once we have a clear view of the funding necessary to complete it.